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A parallel universe. Britannia

Honestly, it beggars belief the nationalistic discussion going on in the UK. After having said for four years that “we hold all the cards” and “they need us more than we need them” now not only we struggle to manage… Continue Reading →

Numbers matter

Do you seriously believe a government that is about to announce 40 new hospitals give a toss about export difficulties? Yes, they will merge and reduce the number of existing hospitals to a figure of 40. To match the manifesto… Continue Reading →

You alright there, pet

One of those words with multiple meanings. But which one should be applicable to Michael Gove who negotiated the GB border and now wants to discuss again to have an extension of the grace period until 2023? Yes, the same… Continue Reading →

Ape Maia GB If someone is asking how well Brexit is going just send them this article from the Guardian. A fantastic case study including: The frustration of people not being able to do what they were used to The complication of… Continue Reading →

A picture is worth a thousand words

It is, isn’t it?

The lasting Trumps

We have to congratulate the United States. It is somehow and still reassuring that you can reverse policies and bad decisions unlikely another place we know where we are now stuck to rotten with wrong choices. How many countries legal… Continue Reading →

Hilfe ist unterwegs

In today’s news: Ireland is feeling the pain of Brexit and increasing routes straight from France cutting out the UK land bridge Fisherman are beginning to catch the happy British fish but finish their trip into Danish or French ports… Continue Reading →

What are you?

Keir Starmer has chosen not to fight the culture battle that Brexit is. That’s fine. But then what are you? If you don’t fight you are the same as the other one. And the majority quite rightly, and including myself,… Continue Reading →

Where is my breakfast?

British media have started to reflect on the fact that no Armageddon at the ports has been observed until now. No queues. All quiet. It was project fear all the time and we took back control of our borders. The… Continue Reading →

Take back control of the sandwich

Some people who are staunchly buying The Telegraph in UK must have been worried since Friday after they read the headline “Go back to work or risk losing your job” Maybe are the same people who have never stopped working… Continue Reading →

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