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We hold all the chocolate

I am sure customers in Europe will survive without British chocolate. Happy Easter even if you have to compromise with French, Italian, Belgian, Austrian (not Australian, Austrian, be focussed please), you name it. Chocolate — Read on

A piece of meat Fantastic info graphics from The Guardian showing the red tape being introduced as part of leaving the EU and its Customs Union. There are now 26 steps instead of the previous 2 to carry out exactly the same activity… Continue Reading →

One month

Happy birthday Brexit. Yes because, as we all know, birthdays are counted from the day you were born not the one you were conceived. So the birthday is not in June 2016 or when the British Conservative party sent the… Continue Reading →

Hilfe ist unterwegs

In today’s news: Ireland is feeling the pain of Brexit and increasing routes straight from France cutting out the UK land bridge Fisherman are beginning to catch the happy British fish but finish their trip into Danish or French ports… Continue Reading →

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