Thoughts and considerations after Brexit. The Day After Brexit. Going through the emotions of being on the other side of Brexit

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First day. Usual problem with pandoro

Today is our first day on the other side of the Brexit stargate. But I am afraid we have the usual and old problems with pandoro to discuss. One day I will slice one like this. I am tired of… Continue Reading →

Save Chinotto

I am still puzzled why Sanpellegrino is now able to sell all sorts of drinks some of which I doubt they are even available in Italy but yet chinotto does not make it on British supermarket shelves. Why? Is it… Continue Reading →


Today. An historical day for the United Kingdom that will/should/might become a celebration/commiseration recurrence. So let me celebrate today the 20th anniversary of a younger person flying in from Italy to come living in the United Kingdom. It was my… Continue Reading →

Hello new? world!

It is literally a Hello new world (or New World!) with the intention to capture thoughts, observations, considerations and emotions in a non politicially correct way from March 29th at 11pm GMT known as #brexit

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