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Where is my breakfast?

British media have started to reflect on the fact that no Armageddon at the ports has been observed until now. No queues. All quiet. It was project fear all the time and we took back control of our borders. The… Continue Reading →

Take back control of the sandwich

Some people who are staunchly buying The Telegraph in UK must have been worried since Friday after they read the headline “Go back to work or risk losing your job” Maybe are the same people who have never stopped working… Continue Reading →

Mind the train

I took a walk today and I saw a few trains passing by. Empty. Running but empty. Almost no passengers. And it remind me that because they are so successful next year the fares will go up yet again. So… Continue Reading →

I like Dido a lot The singer. I remember I bought some CDs years ago, I must have hopefully copied those in my digital music collection. But now there is another Dido. The Track and Trace Dido with a track record that would kick… Continue Reading →

Global Dinghy

Now it is clear why we have a Royal Navy. We spend thousands of taxpayers pounds with the intention of deploying the Navy against a few boats of desperate people trying to cross the Channel. So basically our Global projection… Continue Reading →

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