Honestly, it beggars belief the nationalistic discussion going on in the UK. After having said for four years that “we hold all the cards” and “they need us more than we need them” now not only we struggle to manage our own GB border but now we are trying to convince the EU is wrong not to cooperate to maintain our interests because “regional disagreements don’t make sense in a financial world that increasingly runs on global rules overseen by global bodies”.

Basically this is not the “have the cake and eat it”: it is the whole pâtisserie. And the reason is clear. Euroclearing. But seriously how could the ECB or any EU country accept the euro-denominated contracts be managed in a country external to the EU block that has left the block in acrimony? A huge political and security risk.

If only knew that this would have happened we would have made the happy fish not so happy. But still blue


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