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Getting used to something has risks. Are we living in a normalisation age?

Numbers matter

Do you seriously believe a government that is about to announce 40 new hospitals give a toss about export difficulties? Yes, they will merge and reduce the number of existing hospitals to a figure of 40. To match the manifesto… Continue Reading →

One month

Happy birthday Brexit. Yes because, as we all know, birthdays are counted from the day you were born not the one you were conceived. So the birthday is not in June 2016 or when the British Conservative party sent the… Continue Reading →

Hilfe ist unterwegs

In today‚Äôs news: Ireland is feeling the pain of Brexit and increasing routes straight from France cutting out the UK land bridge Fisherman are beginning to catch the happy British fish but finish their trip into Danish or French ports… Continue Reading →

Thanks for all the fish

Fish, the fishing industry, the fishermen, the blue fish, the Brexit fish, the British fish, the happy fish. Plenty of discussions and unfortunately jokes about fish in the media recently. I would be curious to hear from the Guildford MP… Continue Reading →


A friend of mine sent a small parcel to the UK in the New Year. They did not even tell her that since the UK has left the EU now it is treated as a third country and therefore a… Continue Reading →

Have your fishcake and eat it

It beggars belief but some fisherman are starting to realize what exiting the EU customs union really meant for their business. You may have 25% more fish if you believe Johnson but then you have also new health certificates, customs… Continue Reading →

Where is my breakfast?

British media have started to reflect on the fact that no Armageddon at the ports has been observed until now. No queues. All quiet. It was project fear all the time and we took back control of our borders. The… Continue Reading →

Save Chinotto

I am still puzzled why Sanpellegrino is now able to sell all sorts of drinks some of which I doubt they are even available in Italy but yet chinotto does not make it on British supermarket shelves. Why? Is it… Continue Reading →

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