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Saving Britons money

Jacob Rees-Mogg has been looking for ideas to unleash the potential of Brexit but it turns out that the best way was probably not doing it. This is the not much between the lines explanation of why the checks on… Continue Reading →


“a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or fault of equipment” I am not too sure Brexit issues were a sudden event and they are clearly not temporary but the new normal for some. The Dover County Council is always ready to… Continue Reading →

Russia, Belarus. And the United Kingdom

There are only three countries in Europe that do not want to be associated with the EU. Russia, Belorus, and yes the United Kingdom. Of course the British media will not focus on this but it is the sad reality… Continue Reading →

The evidence is all around us

Even Simon Jenkins on the Guardian now reluctantly admits it is the case. But read the article better and you will realise that he would like to be part of the Single Market (or did he mean Customs Union, maybe… Continue Reading →

Global Tool

“We are not that sort of country” a minister said this week in objecting wearing a mask whilst COVID infections continue to rise everywhere. Yes we are not because we have given up. This country has given up having a… Continue Reading →

Spaghetti Brexit Bolognese

So where do we start from? Shortages are one of the staples of Brexit. We were used to having an offering and level of service that no longer is granted and, whilst some issues are also related to economic unbalances… Continue Reading →

Gone for good?

The only question about EU citizens is to which extent they left already. And it depends on their personal circumstances including relationships, profession and assets. Some regrettably had to do it: they may have lost their jobs during pandemic or… Continue Reading →

We need them more than they need us

We are at war. Yes, we are at war with ourselves and the stupidity that Brexit is. The bad news is that we keep losing battles and, for those who like numbers, now we have also the latest GDP showing… Continue Reading →

The will of the turkeys

The will of the turkeys

Coffee anyone?

How can it be that all the countries in Europe have Covid, all the countries have the app based on the same iOS/Android framework and all the countries have fruit and vegetables on the shelves apart Britannia? Wake up people… Continue Reading →

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