We should all be absolutely delighted that Stanley Johnson has become a French citizen and in doing so retains a closer tie with the EU. Yes because he is only one of the hypocrites that, after having stripped the citizens of this country of rights in a never-seen-before self-harming move, get this privilege as before him other people tried including Jacob Rees-Mogg applying for an Irish passport or Nigel Farage applying for a German one.

The message is clear. You do not need certain rights. They do and they protect you from the threats of the EU whilst you are becoming a servant of wealth and Westminster politicians are more than happy to run the PMQ show on Wednesdays for you.

Is this what you voted for Britannia?



One rule for them. One rule for you. And I am not even starting to mention the Metropolitan Police which has shown many times that would not be fit for purpose in a banana republic (we do not have bananas and we have the Queen Jubilee coming up) and need root and branch reform.





Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash