Do you seriously believe a government that is about to announce 40 new hospitals give a toss about export difficulties? Yes, they will merge and reduce the number of existing hospitals to a figure of 40. To match the manifesto promise. These are the kind of people we are dealing with in the United Kingdom and the media are widely guilty for not providing enough scrutiny.

Coronavirus is unfortunately a perfect situation for the wreckers of this country. It is obscuring the Brexit disaster unfolding day after day and it provides a perfect opportunity for refocussing NHS to a vaccine pandemic management organisation whilst all the other areas are depleted and ready to be given away at some point in the future.

The bad news about the challenges with trade is that these are systemic and sought as part of our reposition outside CU and SM. People have voted for this in 2016, 2017, and 2019 because they wanted to stop immigrants living in the UK and wanted to take all the fish out of the French.

While UK traffic is down 49% for January, European Freight is up an incredible 446% year on year with unprecedented demand for the new direct services operating from Rosslare Europort to mainland Europe.

Rosslare Europort

The outcome has been supported by both the Conservative and Labour Party. It is our outcome like the GB border is our border. We own it so be proud Britannia of what we have achieved. And don’t you ever start thinking that actually maybe we made a mistake. A historical one. Suez class