The only question about EU citizens is to which extent they left already. And it depends on their personal circumstances including relationships, profession and assets. Some regrettably had to do it: they may have lost their jobs during pandemic or may not even qualify to stay so what is the point in risking having to rely on Home Office xenophobic judgments. Some did it because they wanted it: younger people maybe coming from fast growing countries or anyway disillusioned by a country that is no longer recognisable. Some may do it in the future: they are observing and making scenario planning as Brexit begins to have an effect on Britannia. And many will stay: too much hassle in unbundling life and many vested interests built here.

But one thing is clear. We have all left and many British do not understand this and will never do. Now we just have to decide whether we want to replace EU immigration with other immigration or we accept a smaller country. And smaller economy. With fewer HGV, fewer lettuce, fewer turkeys. Smaller