The impact of the disastrous decision imposed by the British Conservative party on this country has been clearly disguised by the pandemic crisis that has been hitting hard everywhere in the last 18 months. We were used to travel, to trade, to move across countries and now we live in a ever changing scenario where travelling is difficult, trading is difficult and moving across countries is difficult

Every now and then we are told that things are getting better. Vaccination programs appear to have mitigated the negative effect despite infection rate soaring. As soon as we put out head out we hear stories of missing lorries, missing vegetables, commercial activities closing because lack of staff.

That’s too bad but there is one sad truth: it appears it is happening only in Britannia. So yes a bad pandemic (not only here) slowing down of economy (not only here) having negative effect on availability of people (only here).

The idea that reducing the pool of labour will increase wages will work in the very short term. The impact on the economy will be a permanent shrinking of its size especially as investment get reallocated to area of the world where they may be managing better the xenophobia wind that is blowing in our societies.

The British Poultry Council (BPC) said its members, which include 2 Sisters Food Group – the country’s largest supplier of supermarket chicken and KellyBronze Turkeys, had told them that one in six jobs were unfilled as a result of EU workers leaving the UK after Brexit

“Not enough turkeys for Christmas due to Brexit, poultry producers warn”, The Guardian, Thu 19 Aug 2021

It was the will of the people. But it was indeed the will of the turkeys for Christmas even if we may see fewer this coming one