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Bad Apple

If Amazon and Apple are switching to direct route I am afraid the change may well be for good. But hey it could be a good one thing: fewer lorries on the M25 and freedom to focus in new areas… Continue Reading →

It’s coming

It is a few days that I have noticed a beginning of shift in some of the articles in The Guardian. Is the beginning of the realignment that will be forced upon us from March 30th onwards? The time when… Continue Reading →

She is disgraceful Disgraceful politician. The second referendum would only signal that our political system, including the first-past-the-post system, is no longer representative of the society and would threaten Tory and Labour alike. We followed up on the referendum result and we… Continue Reading →

Only two choices

There are only two choices that are really available at this late stage bearing in mind the deal work through is ridiculous and does not address the core question. Either we leave with no deal or we do not leave…. Continue Reading →

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