We are at war. Yes, we are at war with ourselves and the stupidity that Brexit is. The bad news is that we keep losing battles and, for those who like numbers, now we have also the latest GDP showing that the growth was only 0.1% and much lower than the 0.6% growth forecast by City economists. Britannia exceptionalist right-wing foreign-owned media keep banging on pingdamic and supply chain issues but unfortunately, when you shoot in your foot it does not really help. Which is exactly what we did with Brexit.

Britain trade is suffering and now has dropped out of the first 10 in respect to UK Germany trade. If you consider the size and the importance of the trade with Germany Ms. Truss has a lot of work to do to make it up with her Pacific trades unless, of course, she is thinking to discover new islands like a modern Thomas Cook.

So there is a lack of workers. Yes, workers because we did not want people which is why we voted to leave the EU in a major xenophobic exercise. We only want workers to come here and serve Britannia until we do not need them and we dump them using visas and other permit schemes designed by the Home Office led by a daughter’s immigrant who is hating immigrants but also who most likely does not really understand the historical ties of Britain with Europe.

So we made their life horrible. And now they do not want to come back to work here. Big surprise eh.

But if you think we have supply chain issues we have a solution at least if you have to fix your car but there are no spare parts. eBay has teamed up with Aviva and LV to encourage motorists and car industry workers to reuse second-hand car parts instead of new ones.

It could make sense for eBay, it could make sense for insurers. But does it make sense for you? Did you vote the leave the EU to become Cuba in Europe without cigars and more important the weather? Because this is what may look like. In Cuba, they had to master repairing cars by any means due to the embargo imposed on their government but we have imposed those restrictions on ourselves.

Well done Britannia. And congratulation for the tax rising on workers within 48hrs no discussions no plans and let wealth and other non-contributors off the hook.

I hope at least the price of pasta will not increase 50%, Because I love pasta 🙂