So the numbers are in and continue to show a decline in the trade with the EU which is not shown for instance in the trade with non-EU countries. So it must be something specific that happened between the UK and EU. What can it be?

“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a known saying but clearly was not known to those in the British Conservative Party who decided to leave the Single Market and the Customs Union. Now that is broken it is time to fix it.

The solution is very simple. Ms. Truss will have to find a trade deal that compensates for the 12% decrease in business with the biggest economic area in the world which happens to be also our neighbor. I am sure that the hard negotiations ongoing with Australia (population: almost 26 million at the end of 2020) will offer the right opportunity we can tilt our country towards: the indo-pacific region that is eagerly waiting for Britannia.

In the meantime, we are struggling to have a deal with Norway on fishing (why should Norway offer a better deal than the one the UK had already whilst in the EU? It beggars belief thinking the reasoning). Apparently, they are not too bothered losing access to UK waters because the cod stocks are moving north due to change in climate and they got all the blue whiting fish they wanted because is caught in the first couple of months of the year which have already gone.

I am indecisive between another case of “we hold all of the cards” or making any reference to blue fish that may be indeed happy. Or not.