I adore trolls. I bought one more than 20 years ago when I visited Norway as part of my Interrail journey across the northern part of the continent.

But someone has most likely been trolled recently. Allegedly Britannia negotiators have been trying to convince Norway that they would like to able to send British fishermen in a larger sea area (theirs of course) than before Brexit because now we have taken back control and we are a maritime superpower again. If they did not agree then they would have closed to Norway boats the access to the Brexit sea of happy blue fish.

The swift response from the trolls has been that they are ok not coming here since they got all the fish they wanted and they can continue fishing for cod in their sea. Because everyone is sovereign in their own house.

But do not be worried Britannia. Fish and chips is safe because we will keep having cod just imported more and always from Norway.

At least we did not declare war to Norway just yet. Our gunboats are busy nearby France for the time being. Six months into Brexit and we sent the fleet already in our neighbourhood: it is as promising as it always has been.

The good news is that, if you are into serious food, Eataly London has just opened. It promises to be a culinary and cultural experience but I need to check it personally like San Tommaso would only do. Let’s hope it won’t be disrupted too much by the new normal of Brexit.