At midnight this evening we say goodbye to a not so memorable year. One hour earlier we say goodbye to a part of our history that started decades ago and, on a personal basis, allowed me like many others to get closer to Britain. The freedom of movement that we have enjoyed is coming to an end: most likely many people like myself would have not taken the opportunity to live in another country if we had been subject to visas and other constraints. That is the difference between treating people like workers or citizens.

People have been moving around for some time. Centuries. Millenniums. You can read history, you can see paintings, you can listen to music. You will always see people who have been moving for right or wrong reasons. Immigration will not end by leaving the EU. It will just make our society full of workers and with fewer citizens: it will have an impact.

Today there is not a majority wanting to leave the EU but the people have allegedly spoken in the advisory referendum in 2016. And we are told we cannot speak anymore.

I don’t think so. Happy New Year.

The Guardian view on the Brexit debate: no scrutiny, no choice Editorial