I can understand why a majority would like at this point to move on and support voting the deal between EU and UK. This is not even the issue at this stage in my view because you are not going to scrutinise hundreds of pages in a morning debate and pretend you have influence on it: a concept like this is for those who believe in sovereignty and other fishery arguments.

The issue is the future. And whilst we will get on with our lives like we should be those like me who were and are staunchly supporters of Britain in EU will never change their position of principle: you won it, you own it.

If Labour believes that the issue disappears on January 1st they continue to live in very cloudy cuckoo-land. They are tactically pandering towards social extremism and those who have wealth or final salary pension schemes to rely on. These people are sheltered by any impact of their decision or they may even gain from. None of them will have a good reason to vote Labour even in future since when it comes to xenophobia and social discrimination there will be better offers at the election as usual.

At some point the question about what do we have for this parliamentary charade on will become more prominent. There is no value to have a bunch of people secured in their FPTP seats acting as parrots in the Commons let alone those spending their time in the Lords doing nothing relevant. If you think this setup delivers value for the people and gives you representation you have spending too much time watching BBC News 🙂