The ongoing pandemic crisis makes our time a challenging one. Despite the progress with the vaccination program we are lacking a coherent systemic view of how to exit the crisis and what would be different after if anything. Because I suspect something will be different but could be also for good reasons: hybrid working, sustainable society development, modern monetary theory repelling the idea the Central Bank and the government is borrowing from a spreadsheet.

And then there are the wrong reasons. We have increasingly a culture war developing where the obsessive show of the/a national flag is something that has been seen in the past in other historical experiences. We have special legislation that continues to redefine and limit the right to protest. We have the police that at times appear to protect statues but not people.

You may think all the bad thoughts and situations will never happen in the United Kingdom. In my opinion, this is pure exceptionalism and it is a concern because as a society we do not have the antibodies because we did not have certain experiences in our history.

Yes, history. Because no matter how much rich our history is we can always look at places where they had an even richer and longer one without feeling the need or the fear of another league table. Panem et circenses. The phrase originate in ancient Rome when it was used to identify the only remaining interest of a Roman population no longer interested in political involvement. Roman politicians passed laws to keep the votes of poorer citizens by giving out cheap food and entertainment.

You can immediately see why we need a Festival of Brexit. To keep entertained our population with a continuous gaslighting action that should not focus on the challenges that, for instance, is facing the Cheshire Cheese Company when told by the environment minister to look at US and Canada markets rather than EU where they are effectively abandoning their customers for unknown opportunities.

There will be plenty of cheese and the circus. Happy now?