Fish, the fishing industry, the fishermen, the blue fish, the Brexit fish, the British fish, the happy fish. Plenty of discussions and unfortunately jokes about fish in the media recently.

I would be curious to hear from the Guildford MP what she think about the last delivery from Surrey Satellite Technology Limited to Galileo. I knew people who moved out of the country already since the contracts dried out well before this week and they decided not to stay. Yes a European business. Yes a European project. Yes SSTL was effectively a founder of Galileo.

SSTL played a pivotal role in the Galileo program. It built the satellite Giove-A that effectively initiated Galileo being the pathfinder that secured for the European Union the use of its all-important radio frequencies.

“Without those frequencies, there would be no Galileo”

What can I say? Another example where Britain influenced the future of the EU. And then people were brainwashed with the take back control slogan.

Thanks for all the fish. And good luck for the fish too.

UK industry bids farewell to EU’s Galileo system – BBC News