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A picture is worth a thousand words

It is, isn’t it?

UK Border in the Middle Age

This is a great scene from “Non ci resta che piangere” which translates into “Nothing Left to Do But Cry”. Watch the scene of the movie and you will learn in a bit more than 2min everything you need to… Continue Reading →

Thanks for all the fish

Fish, the fishing industry, the fishermen, the blue fish, the Brexit fish, the British fish, the happy fish. Plenty of discussions and unfortunately jokes about fish in the media recently. I would be curious to hear from the Guildford MP… Continue Reading →

First day. Usual problem with pandoro

Today is our first day on the other side of the Brexit stargate. But I am afraid we have the usual and old problems with pandoro to discuss. One day I will slice one like this. I am tired of… Continue Reading →

Hello new? world!

It is literally a Hello new world (or New World!) with the intention to capture thoughts, observations, considerations and emotions in a non politicially correct way from March 29th at 11pm GMT known as #brexit

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