To paraphrase Larry Elliott‘s latest opinion on The Guardian, in the recurrent quest to justify his leave vote, the unpopular truth is that leaving the EU has not magically transformed Britain and has been a waste of time just obscured by the covid scapegoat. It is now two years since we have initiated Brexit and there is not a single sign of any of the benefits that were promised. The standing of the country has taken a nosedive very well summarised by Maria Zakharova’s most recent comment about one of the many embarrassing statement of the British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

So what is next? More queues on the M20? Continue decline of trade with the EU? Increasing friction with Ireland over the Northern Ireland border issue? Sell off of land and agriculture? War on culture and wedging Britain and British people from their European neighbours at any opportunity?

It is going to take some time. Let’s hope the damage made to the country by the ongoing coup will not be irreversible by the time the British population will have to face the music when the gaslighting will stop and the reality will emerge.

Happy Birthday anyway.