We are literally snowed under data and information these days. The unfortunate consequence is that we get used to something that would have caused significant concern in a previous time or situation. It is known as normalisation which unfortunately is often not that positive.

For instance, we got used to reading that more than 120.000 have died because of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom: an astonishingly high number that is significantly higher than neighbors and should have triggered questions and concerns that are mostly missing in our society today. We have internalised the negative news and it is now normal.

Another number that is normalised is the impact of Brexit and/or COVID-19 on our economy. A number in the region of 5% fall of GDP in one month is digested by our public opinion like it is inevitable with no questions asked on the causes and what could have been done differently.

Can you believe? Years of discussions and cuts to squeeze a few decimal points from GDP. Cuts in services, cuts in people’s life expectations. Cuts affecting individuals to the core of their existence. All contested. And now all silently accepting 5% reduction of GDP is one single month.

It is Brexit normalisation and it beggars belief