If someone is asking how well Brexit is going just send them this article from the Guardian. A fantastic case study including:

  • The frustration of people not being able to do what they were used to
  • The complication of managing the world beating internal GB border created by the British Conservative party to pursue their hard interpretation of Brexit. It is your border so when you hear Johnson or Sky News telling you that EU has to make changes they are gaslighting the GB+NI population
  • The tentative of going around the rules by smuggling the bees through the GB border. You must now understand the nervousness in EU about that border: there will be people waiting to exploit that at the earliest opportunity

And no I am not referring to vaccine smugglers. There is too much paperwork and traceability to allow that despite the stupidity of EU trying to revoke article 16 in Bruxelles last Friday in a desperate try to force Astra Zeneca to deliver on his contractual commitments. Because despite what you may be hearing from nationalist media there are no classes in contracts and no one is asking UK anything: both UK and EU are asking Astra Zeneca to deliver on their promise and you are not queuing at the local bakery either.

I hope everything will go well at the end for the Italian bees (always Italians with issues!!!!). And to cheer you up let’s listen Ape Maia which must be a test of “Italianiness” like knowing the rule of cricket is for Britishness 🐝