We have to congratulate the United States. It is somehow and still reassuring that you can reverse policies and bad decisions unlikely another place we know where we are now stuck to rotten with wrong choices. How many countries legal and political systems would have survived anything like a Trump?

My fear is that those who led us to Brexit are seeking confrontation. Friction. Then we shall see and who is coming next. Our political system failed with Brexit, this is clear in my view and the too-slow growing number of people regretting voting leave, so it could fail again in the future. It happened already in the past when Britain had sought to put a wedge between European countries to levels that people may have forgotten. Not everyone will have the luxury to change surname when things will start to go wrong or moving abroad in another residence of yours.

Denying the EU ambassador full diplomatic status, the only country almost in the world doing that, seems only designed to create friction. But it could be something needed to focus people’s mind certainly in the continent.

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