A friend of mine sent a small parcel to the UK in the New Year. They did not even tell her that since the UK has left the EU now it is treated as a third country and therefore a form has to be filled in depending on what you are delivering and the value declared. The other small issue is that because we are classed as a third country I am afraid often we end up in that basket of destinations that are more expensive than the rates we were used to in the EU.

So basically it takes more time. It costs more. And when you get it wrong who knows what is going to happen: I did not see the parcel yet and I am curious to see if it will bounce or what other destiny will incur.

Do you understand now why even a business like DPD has effectively paused their deliveries to the EU? There are forms, there are obstacles and there is already a reduced flow of trade.

For items worth up to £270 sent by Royal Mail, people have to complete and sign a CN22 customs label. For items over that value, a separate CN23 form is required. Except when sending items from Northern Ireland to the EU, where no customs declarations are required for sending goods.

All of a sudden Team GB has a real and new meaning.