The most worrying aspect of the so called trade deal just signed between UK and EU is the decision not to be part of the Erasmus program. I bet this was a straightforward decision, a crucial one revealing the real worrying colours of Brexit. If there is one thing that the proponents of Brexit (and those who voted for) are against is exactly that multilateralism exchange of information and way of living that is at the heart of a program like Erasmus where young people get to know other cultures, other people, other countries and they both benefit from the experience in a way that is likely to affect their lives and their way of thinking. Basically the side effect of Erasmus is removing from the discussion anything that would make nationality and culture an element of confrontation to become an element of aggregation.

To succeed Brexit must put space between continental Europe and the British islands. Unfortunately the journey has just began but it is also up to us to remind everyone and every time what we think whilst we observe the winners of this round owning the outcome at every turn.