Some people who are staunchly buying The Telegraph in UK must have been worried since Friday after they read the headline “Go back to work or risk losing your job”

Maybe are the same people who have never stopped working actually and they found out that pressing buttons on a computer at your place is exactly the same than pressing those buttons in a location that is likely to be hours of commuting far from where you live and where most likely you won’t even have a desk of your own courtesy of open space+hot desking policies of the once was the future

Instead of bullying people or indeed look ridiculous (and this apply to both Telegraph readers and the British Conservative party) how about we start a serious discussion about the new normal as an hybrid model. Work remotely when you can, attend the office once a week, attend the office when operational need arise: it would guarantee the/a social proximity needed in all the team activities and yet decisively move away from regular commuting which if you reflect maybe has never been that normal anyway

Full disclosure. I have been working in this hybrid mode for a decade and it works. Full stop. Yes it is not applicable to all jobs but for many it does.

Unless of course you are the owner of those commercial buildings which in the medium long term may not command the same revenues they have been doing until now. But we wanted to save the Pret employees like the Telegraph readers have always been concerned of, yes?, not the building owners….