The singer. I remember I bought some CDs years ago, I must have hopefully copied those in my digital music collection. But now there is another Dido. The Track and Trace Dido with a track record that would kick her out from any reasonable job in the land. But no. Our Dido is getting promoted to run the new National Institute for Health Protection (NIHP) which of course is world renewed according to Matt Hancock.

We have to be clear what is going on here otherwise people get confused and start believing the b**shit of the British Conservative government, a quasi alien organisation running the country on behalf on not very well identified stakeholders thanks to the vote of #thepeople regularly falling for it.

The Coronavirus crisis has been used to first take NHS under the protective wing of the right media with the Thursday clapping. Now we want people to believe that the only health issue in the country is the ongoing pandemia or indeed any of the “external threats like biological weapons, pandemics, and of course infectious diseases of all kinds”. Out of the window go any other health issues that you taxpayer may experience.

But hold on a second. How does it work? If we are focussing the scope of the world renewed PHE successor only to pandemia who will look after the rest? This is another textbook execution where they are refocussing and restricting the scope of public health in England paid with your taxes to leave all the other health issues to more efficient private and market forces that have so succesful done in all those countries that do not have a national health system at such.

Do you seriously need the state broadcaster BBC News to tell you what is going on? You can see money. A lot of money. Wake up Britain or it will be too late. Or maybe already is